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I just want to start out by saying that this class has taught me a lot and also I have enjoyed it a lot! Now on to the blog, for my final blog I am going to explain how I have you been innovative as a learner or thinker this semester. I have been innovative as a learner this semester by thinking out side of my comfort zone! For insistence I am not a “twitter” so having to tweet this summer was like pulling teeth! Also writing blogs are kind of a way for me to express my creativeness. I must say though I have enjoyed both twitting and blogging.

Now one thing that I found that was very cool is that I can get an education without having to pay a ton of money for the resources. I think that I can use that in my future for my classroom but also through the rest of my education. With all of my experiences of using technology I feel that I will be able to be an innovative teacher. I also feel that it is important to have teachers be innovative because of the way our world and school systems are today, and also I think that there is so much you can learn from it.

The one thing that I have unlearned this semester is to manage my time in a formal way. This is the first time that I have taken summer classes so it has at times been HARD! But it has also taught me that sometimes things will be hard but as long as I work hard it is all worth it in the end!

I will continue using technology for myself and also  for my future classroom, the reason why is because I think that there are lots of things that you can learn from using it and also the student already know a lot about technology so it is something that they will enjoy learning with and on.

This semester I have found out that I actually really enjoy learning and that when it gets hard I am even more determined to learn! I also learned that when I am a teacher I will enjoy doing a lot of the things that we have done this semester but of course it will have to be kid friendly!

In conclusion I have really enjoyed this semester and also I have learned a lot!


2 thoughts on “My learning!!

  1. This was also my first time taking summer classes and it was a different experience. I found it difficult at times to actually make myself get work done. This class has been eye opening for me as well. I’ve enjoyed your posts so much. Thanks for sharing.


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