My Learning Style!!

Untitled Infographic

After doing the research on “Learning Difference”, I learned a lot and even about myself! I also have came to conclusion that there is no right way to learn, just as long as the material is getting learned and remembered.  I enjoyed using the program, piktochart. It was easy and also FUN!! I think that I would use this in my classroom to have students reflect what they learned and also a tool to help them learn. I think that these types of tools are important for teachers to use with their students and in their classrooms.

4 thoughts on “My Learning Style!!

  1. Hi Cora,
    I really liked your piktochart illustrations. The word collage is great. I think most people like to have fun while learning. After reading your blog I contemplated what learning assignments that I have considered fun. I find it interesting that perspective is a funny thing. I have had assignments that were really challenging and stretched my creativity to the max and at the time I was hating life however they are now thought of as my best work!! They are fun now that they are over!! I think as teachers it is important to keep in mind that it is human nature to relish in a good challenge. Thanks for sharing what you have learned. This is knowledge that will really benefit you as a teacher.


  2. I love your statement about there being no right way to learn. I think we often develop the mentality that the way we learn should be the way everyone else does. In reality everyone has their unique style. As teacher’s we need to be able to use tools to cater to everyone’s learning style.


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