Device Control!

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogging, and even snap chat are just some of the names that we are familiar with and the social media that I use. I would like to say that I get things done before I spent my time on these social medias that have to do with technology, but sadly I find myself (even this last week) setting on Facebook when I should be writing this blog or even cleaning my house. Let’s face it we have all been there at some point in our life, it might even be something like reading a book or even reading a book on a kindle. I wish I could say that I am good at multitasking but I think I am probably the worst at it! Now I’m not saying that the social media and technology is a bad thing but I do think it has become a problem, even in my life. I have even caught myself having a conversation with my grandparents and not remember what was said because I was on my phone or lap top doing something. So to answer the question, when are we truly present? I would have to say that the only time that we are actually truly present is when we are paying attention and not doing something else. I love the TED video because it honestly opened my eyes! I feel that we lose so much from being glued to our devices of technology because first of all we are losing listening skills that we were taught when we were in preschool and also I think that we are losing verbal communication skills! It drives me crazy to be texting someone and everything that they say is in “shortcuts”, such as TY, which is thank you, I personally don’t care if it is a text or a social media if you are saying thank you, say it don’t just abbreviate it! I think that we can learn a lot from articles and videos because the people who write and talk about this subject has done research and know the facts….most of the time.

Here is an interesting read i Found!!! Students and Technology

3 thoughts on “Device Control!

  1. There was a study using the “man that multitasks the most”, and put him in a car with a cell (hands free) to handle different driving conditions. First was a simulator where he had to solve and remember math problems while driving, and then on the phone while beach balls were tossed at him along with driving on wet/icy roadway. Let’s just say it proved that the human mind isn’t able to “multitask” like we think. The mind is able to switch back and forth from one function to another, and back quickly which seems like multitasking. However, the mind can actually only do one thinking process at a time and retain it. Thus your not remembering what was said by talking to your grandparents and being on the laptop. Just as I”m writing this I’m also listening to music. Now, it doesn’t help I don’t know Japanese so I it really is harder to focus on the words since I don’t know what is said, but the beat is a great background noise while I’m concentrating on writing. Taking in background noise as static noise is a type of multitasking because we are not focusing on the noise, and once we do we no longer retain the function we were doing, such as writing. Just some thoughts about multitasking I learned in one of my psych classes I thought you might find interesting. 🙂

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  2. There is definitely a reason that people become addicted to social media: it is mind numbing. Just like tv and video games, social media allows us to step away from our own pains and look at other peoples lives. Social media lets us get lost in other people’s lives. Technology is great, but a lot can be learned from life experiences and nature too. I really loved reading your blog post, good job!


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