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Recently I have been taking part in Digital activism, as I am talking to teen girls who have struggled with their self-image. I chose to, “GOD LOVES YOU” @WhyToStayStrong. Now prior to this assignment I have been a part of a program where we help young females (teens mainly), realize that you don’t have to try and impress everyone as long as your happy with yourself and know that God loves you! Lately I posted this on Facebook for the group and this is what it said.
Ok I have been debating putting this on Facebook (without pictures of course because the Facebook world is too mean) but I have always kind of struggled with my weight and have actually been made fun about it by friends, family and everyone else! I never knew how bad the comments hurt until I got to college tho, that strong-don’t care what people think girl went away in college. Like most college students I drank some beer or in my case wine, and ate so unhealthy!!! So yes I put on lots of pounds! I’ll admit it! Last summer I saw a friend of mine post how advocare was changing her life so I decided to try it well at the end of the 24 days I felt good and thought I looked better but by the time school came again I was back to my old habits. BUT this summer I decided to try it again and stay with it, mainly because I had no self-esteem and was sick of the “fat” girl jokes. I have been doing advocare for 40 days now and I am down 20 points and 14 inches (all together), now I’m not trying to shove it down anyone’s throat i just wanted to let everyone know if I can do it, then anyone can!! I for one can say advocare is changing my life and also my view on myself, I’m not trying to impress anyone else but myself and the Big Man Upstairs If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short life it would be that beauty is skin deep and people are flat out rude!!!!”

My mission in life is to help younger people out and let them know that things can and will get better and most importantly that GOD LOVES YOU! I think that digital activism is great because it shows people all over the world that they are not alone!



2 thoughts on ““GOD LOVES YOU!!”

  1. Cora,
    God does Love YOU!! I don’t know you very well but from what I have seen… I think you are amazing. I think that it is great that you strive to lift other people’s spirits. The world is a better place when we build each other up. Congratulations on your accomplishments!


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