Fast Horses!

IMG_4246 IMG_4250

Pictures of me running barrels.

For this week’s blog about my impedance learning, I am going to do something a little different. Now most of you have no clue, who I am or what my interest are, so I will start off there. I love the sport of rodeo and horse! Give me a fast horse you’ll probably win me over! But I also love children’s, so this past week I combined the two and taught some local students the ropes of rodeo. And while doing so I realized that not only do children learn different in school… they also learn different in LIFE! So for this week’s blog I am going to reflect back on my week of teaching children about the sport of rodeo.

For this rodeo camp I and other young adults got together and taught the children about our favorite event of rodeo. I had 7 girls who I found out love barrel racing and fast horse about as much as I do!! Now some of these children had been around rodeo their whole lives while a few had only been around horses, but all them knew how to ride. One story that sticks out while I write this blog is of one little girl who was in my group, now in the sport of barrel racing you have to know what a pocket is which is, when you want your horse to start collecting and slowing down to turn, they have to collect to make a nice turn, or otherwise it’s going to be wide. But for this girl couldn’t get it with me just telling her, so her and I got off our horses and walked to the barrel on foot, I explained where she needed to start collect or I call it checking her horse up, so that the turn around the barrel wasn’t wide. I then demonstrate on my horse what it looked like not to check, and she then understood what I was talking about. Now even though the other girls knew what I meant and where the checking needed to take place didn’t mean everyone else did. Kind of like in the class room, not all our student’s will understand what we are trying to teach them right away, and that’s OK! That’s what we are there for! By the end of end of the week all of the cowgirls and cowboys had improved enormously!

So inclusion children and even adults all learn different not just in school but in everyday life! Sometimes it takes time, while others catch on right away, but we are all different and that’s what makes everyone unique!

6 thoughts on “Fast Horses!

  1. I think that riding horses is a great way to learn something new. I have never rode a horse and honestly I am a little scared to! I think that you learning how to do this is a great way to show independent learning!

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  2. I have to say that most of my understanding about differentiating came from giving riding lessons also. You have to put it in a language they will understand which can be different for everyone. Then showing them is essential. Great job!

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