Google: Who am I??

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When I googled myself, I did it two ways, why you may ask, well because I actually don’t put my last name online. The reason I hardly put my last name online is because I am a freak, I don’t like sharing all my information that isn’t really anyone’s business. Yes, I have my last name on the blog but I do not have my last name on Facebook nor Twitter. I also have all my social media on private and can only see my picture.

So back to what I found, when I googled Cora Fitzgerald, it came up with a lot of Facebook pages, Twitter pages, and Pinterest pages. To be completely honest I didn’t realize there were so many Cora Fitzgerald’s, dang I’m not one in a million!  But to my surprise I did find a picture of myself that I had no clue about, it was a picture of me being crowned Crook County Rodeo Queen, on the fair board page.  Some of the news I found was that no Cora Fitzgerald are in the news!!! No news is always good news right?

So the next search was Cora Rae, and to my surprise my name should be spelled “Kora” (HAHAH). But in all honesty THERE ARE A LOT OF Cora Rae’s too! Once again there were lots of Facebook, Twitter, and a baby blog (No the baby blog wasn’t mine!!:) I must of missed a memo of being a model, a lot of the Cora Rae’s are models.

The last search was Cora Rae Fitzgerald, and I can proudly say, I am the only Cora Rae Fitzgerald!!!!! When I searched Cora Rae Fitzgerald, not much came up besides the queen pictures of me and the Honor roll.

After doing this search it made me realize that everything that we put on the internet and even the other things that people put on the internet of us is right at the fingertips of every person in the world! SCARY!!!! This assignment made me very aware of how nothing is private if we need to find something we more than likely can!!! I will say this is the REAL Cora Rae Fitzgerald writing this blog!


4 thoughts on “Google: Who am I??

  1. I agree that this is a scary concept. The access is so simple and so tempting. I have caught myself “creeping” on an old friend on Facebook a time or two. And then I wonder… Who is “creeping” on me?! I am set to private as well, but a person can find their ways around to find what they want to know!


  2. Very interesting post, Cora! I also tried several different ways to search for myself and not a whole lot came up. But this assignment has definitely helped me to become more aware of what I put online!


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