Digital Citizenship


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Hmmm… What is digital citizenship? Digital citizenship is defined as the models of correct, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. There are 9 themes of Digital Citizenship, which include, digital access; full electronic participation in society, digital commerce; electronic buying and selling of goods, digital communication; electronic exchange of information, digital literacy; teaching and learning about the technology, and then apply it, digital etiquette; electronic standards of conduct or practice, digital law; electronic responsibility for the actions you made, digital rights and the responsibilities; the freedom that are extended to everyone in the digital world, digital health and wellness; physical and psychological well-being in the digital technology world,  and lastly digital security; electronic precautions to guarantee safety, which by the way I think is the most important one. Out of these 9 themes, I had only heard of a couple!! And I am on social media and technology all the time.

Now the last paragraph was boring but after I read and did research I thought that it was important to know and slightly understand what they mean. Everyone no matter if you’re a teacher or a teenager, we have all done something with technology or on social media that we shouldn’t of.  I have posted things out of frustration that shouldn’t of been seen by the public but sadly this kind of stuff happens, but it doesn’t make it right. I was always taught that before you speak you should think to self about what it is your saying and also make sure that it’s not going to hurt someone, is it an honest statement, and also is it something that you should be saying, and if you answer no to one of these, well then you better not post it! This goes for blog posts, twitter, Facebook, email and even texting. Yes today children are getting to be part of the digital world sooner than before, do I agree with this NO, but it’s happening, I think that parents need to remind these children what is appropriate and what is not.   Also if you are a teacher and you are using any kind of social media or technology in your classroom, you need to continually remind the students what is ok to post and what is not ok to post.

I could go on and on about this topic because I am very opinionated but I better not because some of it may not be OK to post on a blog:)


3 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship

  1. You’re right: kids are using social media at younger and younger ages, and nowhere do we find some consistent guidelines about how most effectively and ethically to use it. Parents certainly need to be more involved, but schools also need to take responsibility for teaching students about digital citizenship, building an ethical and appropriate online identity, and treating each other kindly in cyberspace.

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