July 1st Daily Challenge

I have to say this is going to be very challenging for me! But I am also excited to learn from it! For this day it was, “Your favorite day with your best friend”, well some may think this is silly but my best friend is my Granni. She is 93 years old and I have always been super close with her. Last summer we had to put her in a home due to the fact she has Alzheimer’s disease. I went from seeing her every day (we lived in the same yard) to only seeing her often. So every day I get to see her is my favorite day! So here are a couple pictures of my visits with my best friend!!

I could not get my drawing uploaded from my phone so I went in a creative way and I used a collage maker from http://www.photocollage.net/collage/



One thought on “July 1st Daily Challenge

  1. Love This!! I don’t think its silly…it is so sweet. I am so sorry about your granny…Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease. She has seen a lot of changes in her lifetime. I bet she has great stories to tell.


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