Digital Storytelling

Digital Stories is not something that is new to me due to the fact I took a Technology class this past spring semester. And I have to say the more I learn about it, the more I love it. I thought that it would be very helpful for the classroom; you can make a story to explain the lesson you are teaching because like we all know sometimes life happens without our control, so if you have something that happens you can still make a video of your self-explaining what the assignment is and what the lesson is basically. and then you can use it if you are gone or even if they are gone. You can also use it to explain your expatiations in your classroom. Also it is a good resource to use if you are doing a flipped classroom. The teacher can tell their own stories so that the students can relate to them.

Now I really enjoyed watching the stories. One of the ones I viewed was, Stress and Education. This one in a way hit me hard because lately I have been super stressed with the tornado, taking 4 summer classes and then working a full time job. But after viewing it I realized how lucky I am!! Yes sometimes school may get a little stressful along with life but at least I don’t have teachers who punish me in harsh ways or in cruel ways, I guess I never realized how blessed and lucky I truly am.I also looked at Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust and My Struggle with Mathematics.  The one about struggling with math was a very interesting view because I too struggle with mathematics. I think by using digital stories it helps the students writing skills, gets their creative bone working and also helps them show voice. To me as a student and also as a future teacher I think these three things are very important. I also found that there are many different tools to make a digital story.

Shown below is a digital story that I had to make for my midterm in my technology class. I really enjoy digital storytelling and plan on using it a lot in my classroom.


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