Learning Difference take 2!

For this week I looked deeper into understanding student differences. I found some really good articles and actually found some technology to help teachers teach their class who may have a couple different learning styles. In order to understand student’s differences is because they all have different levels of motivation, different attitudes about the teacher and about their learning. They also have different responses to the different types of classroom environments and instruction practices. The more thoroughly instructors understand the differences, the better chance they have of meeting the learning need of all the students in their classroom.

                Something that I learned was that one of the reasons why this problem has been exacerbated is because of the high school student dropout rates.  Many of the dropouts, drop out because of academic difficulties and many others are good students who leave because of dissatisfaction with their teacher or teachers. I found this sad. We as educators need to do our job and work as hard as we can to make sure the students are learning and learning in a way that they will retain the information. I know from experience of teaching summer school, some students loved to be told information and others have to look it up, or even do an example of the information in an experiencing way.

                Another thing that I still feel very strong about is that educators should be aware of their student’s weaknesses and strengths. Many of the articles that I looked at talked about how some students get over looked because the teacher even thinks they are being lazy or the teacher feels they don’t have time for just that one student. I also strongly believe that students who have a learning differences that affect their learning, should be able to get extra help even from the teacher or another staff member. They could set it up were the student or students stay after school if possible  or even get a tutor. With that said after this week’s reading and research I am even more motivated to do more research and learn more information about how to teach students who have learning differences and how to get them help if it is affecting their learning. NOTE: Not all learning differences cause a learning problem!

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2 thoughts on “Learning Difference take 2!

  1. Learning differences is a huge issue in the classroom. It’s important to get to know your students so you know how they learn better. Some students are able to tell you they have to see something to learn it or they have to do something. For assignments, I like the idea of “menus” for the student to choose from. I’ve done this for Math and for Spelling in the elementary levels. I’d hand out a spelling menu on Monday and it was due on Friday. They’d have 15 things to choose from and they could choose the 5 that were easiest for them to complete.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I know I have a friend who has used menus for some activities in her classroom and her class seemed to really enjoy it. I am a strong believer in getting to know your students!!!


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