What to learn?

“If I had the chance to learn anything, what would it be?” This is a very hard question for me to answer because I think that sometimes we don’t know what we want to learn until it is right in front of us. But over the last two years of my college experience, I have found that it is important for me to learn about why students learn differently and how they learn differently.   As we all know, not everyone learns the same, but why is this? Well through some of my classes and some recent research, I have learned that the reason we all learn differently is because we all have different neurological conditions and a student cannot control these conditions.

Now, some may think, “why does she want to learn about this?” Well the answer is because I want to be an educator who teaches student to learn, I don’t want to just teach the students material that they are going to forget the moment they walk out of my classroom. However, in order to teach students to learn, I have to know how to understand their learning styles. This is something that I feel will help me in my future as a teacher because it is very important to me to understanding my students rather it is how they learn or things that will help them learn.

This will be a good use of my learning time because I will have a background in the different ways students learn. If I am aware of the different types of learners in my classroom, I can focus on helping them be successful and teach in a way that all my students will understand not just in a way that is most comfortable for me.  While doing my research I came across an article that talks about the four steps that Sue Davidoff and Owen van de Berg suggest: Plan, teach/act, observe and then reflect. I have heard about this in some of my other classes but actually while doing my research I learned why these steps are important. Students are going to learn better if the method I am teaching is suitable to their learning styles, it is important as a teacher to know when it is time to turn up the notch on their learning, so that they don’t get bored, and also by making learning fun and exciting but also a tad bit challenging. By doing this my relationships with the students will improve for the students will be successful and eager to learn more

Education For Every Child - Malala Yousafzai by Sophie Shapiro

I have already enjoyed doing my research on, “Why do students learn differently and how they learn different?” because there is so much information out there.  I think that learning about this topic will be fun because not only will it help me as a teacher but it will also help me understand people in general, such as collages and even my own children someday.

Picture from https://flic.kr/p/guZV3N


2 thoughts on “What to learn?

  1. It is VERY important as a teacher to know your student’s learning style! When every student learns different, the teacher needs to have different teaching methods. Knowing the different learning styles is a great thing for a future teacher to learn! Great post!

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