“Hackschooling Makes Me Happy.”

After watching Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk, “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy.” I have to say that I really felt that this video was very interesting. Logan was a very easy but yet fun speaker to listen to. In the video it talks about how education can be improved or in his words “hacked”. He talks about not just finding new ways to work with the same ole system but working outside of the box and yet still accomplishing the same goals as staying inside the box.  Something that we are all aware of not only because we are studying to become educators but because we have seen it since we started kindergarten, education is always changing! Right now common core is the change that we are all hearing about and also talking about. There are many people out there who do not like common core but those are some of the people who don’t actually understand common core.  In my personal opinion change in education is always needed! Why, well because each generation is different and the world in general is always changing.  One thing that I thought was interesting is when he states “Hackers are innovators. Hackers are a person who challenge and change the system to make work differently, to make them work better…..it’s a mindset.” He brings up some great points throughout the video and I feel that this video is something that educators need to watch to help them understand why it is now needed to be “hackers” in education.

                I also read Bud Hunt’s blog post and wow this reading opened my eyes to so much more! Hacking like I about above, gets a bad rep a lot of the time because it is miss understood. But in education we NEED someone to make change! In this part of the reading it talks about how” learning happens when we hack things”, and I agree 100% because the students as well as the educator have to learn how to sometimes improvise lessons so that ever student can learn from it.  In this reading it also talked about making things and how it is essential. To me this was my favorite part of the reading because I am one of those who always learned better if I am “making” or “showing” what I am and have learned. The last thing that this reading talked about was playing.  Now I do think that students need to actually play during the school hours but I guess I never thought about playing also meaning playing with the information, structure and or situations. But after realizing playing can mean two different things I agree that when using playing in this concept that it can lead to powerful learning.  This video and article really picked my brain!


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5 thoughts on ““Hackschooling Makes Me Happy.”

  1. I love the visual you found to correspond to the reading. We absolutely need people in education to “make the change” as you said. I’m tired of hearing complaints about Common Core and oh a multitude of other things. Common Core isn’t the problem. People’s perceptions about common core are the problem. As a parent who has had to move a few times, Common Core solves the problem of people moving and “missing out” on certain things that were taught during different years at that particular school. A number of people that complain about it have lived in the same area for 30 years and expect that their children will too. Changing schools has actually helped my children grow, but I have taught a number of students who got “lost in the move.” That’s when interventions and resource teaching becomes so essential to get everyone on the same page.

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    1. I can honestly say that before taking education classes I never realized how beneficial common core is and will continue to be! I also think it is our job as educators to inform our communities on what common core is really all about!


  2. Oh my, I agree the complaining of common core is one of my biggest pet peeves now! If people would look into common core they would realize some of the information they have heard about it, ISN’T TRUE! I loved your comment!


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