Digital Literacy Over View

I selected to talk about digital literacy in general and the things I want to learn, but to start out I am going to talk about the digital literacy and then digital fluency.  Digital literacy is ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet.  I also learned what digital fluency is, it is the s the skill to effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world.

                Next, I am going to discuss what it looks like to have digital literacy in a classroom. I learned from my web search that even though the younger generations have been introduced to technology at a younger age that doesn’t make them  any more literate than the so called digital immigrants better known as their parents’ generation. One of the issues that I found with using digital literacy in a classroom is the funding. Some schools don’t have enough funding’s for it.  I have been in many different classrooms and each of them had some form of digital literacy, but some more than others.  The digital literacy is affecting learning in a positive way because it is giving the students the chance to collaborate together and also learn from others. Students need to connect to the world, communicate with others, and add their voices to issues as they happening.  The uses of Digital devices allow students to connect to with world without leaving the classroom and this is very helpful and beneficial for students.

                One cool think about technology is that it is always changing so there are always things to learn and also always new things to make learning more fun and actually easy.  Some of the digital devices that are beneficial to classrooms are iPods, iPads, Amazon Kindle, e-Readers and many more. By using these devices you are going to have less paper work and also with these devices the students have the chance to collaborate with other students in the classroom and over the world.

                Some of the things I want to learn from this class is how to know the limit on digital literacy. I think that in order to make our students successful we still have to teach the students in an old school way along with the digital way.  I will add that I have worked a little with google docs but would like to learn about more apps that will help me teach my students. 

                From my research I have found that using digital literacy is changing the way of learning in a positive way and that it will just continue to grow as there are new technologies. I am very excited about this class and I hope that by the end of it I have a new understanding of digital literacy.


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