Dedication is Key!

My learning experiences have ranged from loving the class to wondering if I could get the last eighteen weeks back. I have always been eager to learn and I tend to enjoy learning in various ways. When I was in tenth grade I had a wonderful English teacher, her class was the class I looked forward to every day. Along with many books and papers that were expected of us, there was one unit that I found myself enjoying more than I thought I would, public speaking. Now at the time I was not one to get up in front of a group of people and talk, but for some reason this teacher made it fun and I actually later went on and did speaking events in FFA (Future Farmers of America). I owe it to that teacher for making me get out of my comfort zone and take on a fear of mine. I consider this a success in my learning life but along with success, come failure, and this failure I am about to talk about, is something I am not proud of.

Let’s take a look at my second semester of college freshman year, a class that made this semester a semester I wished never happened. To start off with the class is Math 930, or better known as Elementary Algebra. Math was never a strong subject for me but I had it in my head that I wasn’t good at it and I couldn’t be good at it. Well long story short come the end of the semester I notice that I had received a 69.8% in the class! I went from a student who always had A’s and B’s, to a student with all A’s and a big fat D on her final grades for the semester. Saying I was devastated is an understatement, I thought my whole future career was over! After talking to the professor to see if they would round it up, I was left hopeless, sad, and disappointed in myself. However a talk with my advisor made me realize that sometimes life throws speed bumps in our life to see how dedicated we are. Now I am not saying that I am proud of that D but I am proud that I picked myself up and took responsibility for my actions. This failure ended up teaching me that you can’t just be dedicated to the subjects I enjoy but also the subjects I dislike with a passion, maybe even a little bit more dedication is required for the classes I dislike.

I am the learner I am today because I have experienced the highs and lows of being a student and I have the privilege to have amazing teachers and mentors. Yes, at times I was not the best student but because of those learning experience I know the consequences of slacking off, not believing in myself, and how not being dedicated affects outcomes. 

IMG_0008This is a picture of one of my high school yearbook and business teacher, my fellow yearbook member and I in high school.  IMG_1227 This is a picture of a friend and I dressed up as characters from a book we presented to a class for Children Literature.


This is a picture of my FFA chapter. This organization taught me leadership and got me out of my comfort zone.


This lady was  my teacher in high school and is now the person I go to for advise and odds and ends, such as proof reading long assignments.


The day I graduated high school receiving my diploma from my Uncle.


2 thoughts on “Dedication is Key!

  1. Cora,
    The FFA is a fantastic program. I was never involved in it but my husband was and our daughter is now very active. FFA had helped to cultivate her into the great leader and public speaker that she is. I am sorry about your math grade:( I know that would have devastated me as well. My husband is always telling me that Ds get degrees. I am so glad that you were able to pick yourself up and learn from it. Failures definitely make us stronger when we chose to apply those things that we have learned to our future experiences. Keep up the good work! You are GREAT!

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    1. What a great testimonial for the FFA Organization. My daughter is starting down that path and I am amazed at the opportunities that are available to her through FFA. You really showed your resilience by carrying on and learning from a near failure. That work ethic is what will make you successful. Trying to get students develop a strong work ethic is difficult, but it will ultimately be what helps them most in life.

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